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Dòigh Nàdair: A Journey Back to our Bodies

Pronounced doe na-dare, meaning the way of nature!


‧₊˚✩ ALCHEMISE ✩˚₊‧



Lola Olufemi: Reading Event

An evening of reading and conversation in collaboration with Lavender Menace Queer Books Archive and special guests

Lola Olufemi: Writer's Residency

Writing back is not the same as fighting back. (After June Jordan)

Open Call: a reading circle on body and place

Rhubaba Presents: Are you going my way? & Endings and Beginnings Forever: (Rachel McBrinn and Clara Hancock)

Civic Soup Residency

Treasurer of the Board of Trustees

Deadline: Midnight Monday 30th January 2023



Ode to Maud


Hydro Futures / Memory Ecologies


Grief Offerings: (End of) Life Wishes

An audio transmission and transcript from Emilia Beatriz, Sandra Alland and Etzali Hernández.

In conversation with Dr Sequoia Barnes and Zoë Zo, Zoë Tumika, Zoë Guthrie

Open Call for Committee Members (Closed)

Deadline 19th September 2022

Podcast Episode #7

Joy within The Trouble

Johnston Terrace Reading Room

Rhubaba at Edinburgh Art Festival 2022

Setting sail

Embodied Knowledge launch

Significant Others: Maud Sulter in Relation

June 1st ONLINE: A symposium in celebration of Scots-Ghanaian artist, photographer, writer, educator and feminist Maud Sulter (1960-2008).

Artist Research Bursary

Ebun Sodipo selected for Rhubaba's Research Bursary.

Tapping into Decolonial Joy

an online workshop led by Sunanda Mesquita, on 14th April at 6.30-8.30 pm (CEST).

Care, Resistance ... Joy!

Workshop series exploring care, community and radical joy.


Library of Frequencies

'called to response'

'past and future'

'building a library'


'oral traditions'

Early notes, Shamica Ruddock

Oral Histories Training with Syma and Morag from Glasgow Women's Library

Jennifer Cuthill Standard Bearers #3

Late Screenings: All That You Can’t Leave Behind

Ufuoma Essi

In Limbo


The Nowness

Rhubaba Podcast Episode #5

Open Call: Rhubaba is looking for a new Committee Member (Closed)

Rhubaba Podcast Episode #4


Rhubaba Podcast Episode #3

Kathryn Elkin: Online Screening and Zoom Q&A


Slow Correspondence


Rhubaba Podcast, Episode #2

Call out for new Board Member

Rhubaba Podcast Episode #1

Relaunch! …from tomorrow’s yesterdays Reading Group

No School! Automatic for the People

Dream Compositions

Otolith Group, Hydra Decapita + John Akomfrah/Black Audio Film Collective, The Last Angel of History

No School! …from tomorrow’s yesterdays*

farewell, Art

No School! ¿Manifestos for Change?

Late Screenings IV: Lucy Parker, Solidarity

No School! Where Do We Go From Here?

No School! Automatic for the People V

New members’ night Rhubaba Choir

No School! Automatic for the People IV



Nazia Mohammad Standard Bearers #2

A singing workshop with Darla Eno

Only nothing

Late Screenings III

A Singing Workshop with Kathryn Elkin

A Singing Workshop with Usurper

Late Screenings II

Rhubaba Artists’ Market

No School! Automatic for the People III

Late Screenings

No School! Automatic for the People II

No School! The Imposter Self and Others: Desperate Measures….

No School! MY-AT-SIB

No School! Introduction-to-Performance Vol.2

How we handle Things

No School! Automatic for the People

No School! Exquisite Crisps

No School!


MONOMATIC presents Patrick Cole

such tender bodies cannot bear so much pressure

Standard Bearers #1

All in a Day’s Work

Rhubaba hosts: Body Material Possession


Soft Space ΚεΔιΜουΡα

There is no equivalent structure

Reading. Talking. Performance

Learnin’ Broke My 💔


The Legend of Arthur Street: A Rhubaba Christmas Party

MONOMATIC presents Luke McCreadie

Sam Riviere, Daisy Lafarge and Colin Herd

The International Institute for Important Items

You hardboiled I softboiled

A Project on Cooperatives

Soft Space James Bell

Nice Church + Ailieooooooo

There’s a ghost in my house

Soft Space Florrie James

There’s a ghost in my house

Slide Night #7: Repose, Suspend, Oblique (for T.B.)

Karate Priest + Open Shutter

There’s a ghost in my house

Blind Love Bad Taste


Snowed Under A Rhubaba Christmas party

Wow! I can’t hear the sound 🙁 it looks amazing though

Slide Night #4

A conversation with Daniel Miller

Still life with flying objects

How to Survive on Land and Sea

Like Sake

Verbal Description Workshop

U + I = Parade

Sound Thought

Richy Carey | Rhubaba Choir

Slide Night #3

Thomas Whittle | Mark Essen | Cathrine Payton | Astrid Newman

Tombland Drift


Pig Rock Bothy

Rhubaba Choir


Rhubaba Choir


Lucy Parker


Lucy Parker

The History of the Economic League

Residency screenings

Lucy Parker


Redmond Entwistle

Now we know what we need to do: We need to know what we need to do

e ​e​ ​e​ ​e​ ​o​ ​ee​ ​e​ ​i​ a​ ​a​ ​e​ ​e​ ​a​

Anne-Marie Copestake | Alexa Hare | Sophie Mackfall | John Robertson


Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau

A singing workshop

with Serena Korda

Performing The Hosts: Ectoplasmic Variations

Serena Korda

The Hosts: Ectoplasmic Variations

Serena Korda

A singing workshop

with Christopher Bruerton


Girls Rock School

Launch Party

A singing workshop

with Wounded Knee

The Dilapidated Dwelling

Patrick Keiller


Rhubaba Christmas Party!

Galéria Ganku

Július Koller

Semi-functional works

Ben Callaghan

Under The Influence

Shady Dealings With Language

This is not a magic show!

Vincent Gambini

Enchanting Things

conversation with Prof. Carl Lavery

Augusto Corrieri & Vincent Gambini

Politics of Friendship Tour

Grubby Mitts

A hands on intro into processing & arduino


Tighter Than Tights GIF


Dance like nobody’s watching or Dance like you’re not dancing

Outpost Open Film 2013

Recent Shorts

John Smith



Tom Varley



Sample Ale


Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau

The Inspection House (training for the family in how to act)

Lucy Pawlak

Magic Hour #006

Lucy Pawlak

Golden Hour #003

Lucy Pawlak

Magic Hour #005

Magic Hour #004

Lucy Pawlak

Golden Hour #002

Lucy Pawlak

Golden Hour #001

Lucy Pawlak

Magic Hour #003

Lucy Pawlak

Magic Hour #002

Lucy Pawlak

Magic Hour #001

Lucy Pawlak

Lovely Sky (Participatory Imagineering)

Lucy Pawlak

The Distance of a Day

David Horvitz

Six Thousand Posters for Giants and Dwarfs

Modern Edinburgh Film School

Slide show and talk

led by Hazel France

Early Shorts

John Smith

It’s a Beautiful World

If I know that something unknown transcends me, I cease to be merely a ‘human ape’, but am also a human extra-terrestrial

The Onesie Cycle

Benedict Drew


OUTPOST Open: Film

Rhubaba’s 3rd Birthday Fundraiser!


A Lecture on Everything

We Are All U.F.O.-naughts

It’s Hard to Find a Good Lamp

Jennifer Bailey | Emily Fogarty | Method Furniture | Sadie Murdoch | Alex Pollard | Oliver Smith

Laurence Callaghan and Isabel Nolan

A Chance Encounter Between an Umbrella and a Sewing Machine

James Clarkson


Within the Space Of

Claire Davies | Sacha Imrie

Outpost Open : Film

Video Works

Alan Currall

There is no there there

Part I

Subject to alignment

Frances Stacey & Tom Nolan

Act II: A Scratch Night

Leah Lovett

Duck Hunt

Jamie Bracken Lobb | Rob Chavasse | Rhys Coren | Myles Donaldson | Tom Hobson

Watercolour Challenge

pots purr

Hannah James


Mr Cow’s Swiss Delicatessen

Patrick Graf


Built Overnight

Nothing New Under the Sun


Ed Atkins


Milo Brennan & Mikko Gaestel