Rhubaba · Grief Offerings: (End of) Life Wishes

Image description: “grief tea brewing” a close-up colour photograph of soft magenta rose petals and crunchy green hawthorn leaves soaking.

Photo by Emilia Beatriz

Content notes for the conversation include death, dying, eugenics, suicide, assisted suicide, racism, ableism, classism and institutionalisation.

You can download a pdf transcript with design elements and formatting:grief-offerings-audio-transmission-pdf-transcript.pdf

You can download a docx transcript as text-only (no formatting):transcript as text-only

You can download a pdf list of resources mentioned in and related to the conversation: grief-offerings-resources.docx.pdf

Grief Offerings: (End of) Life Wishes

An audio transmission and transcript from Emilia Beatriz, Sandra Alland and Etzali Hernández.

Commissioned for Care, Resistance...Joy! (Rhubaba Gallery & Studios), 2022

Grief Offerings: (End of) Life Wishes is an audio and transcribed conversation between Emilia Beatriz, Etzali Hernández and Sandra Alland. The artists use the theme of 'end of life wishes' as a starting point to share ways we want to care, mourn, live and resist in the current climate, with a focus on mental health and disability justice.

The chat is interspersed with poems as ‘grief offerings’ by Scotland-based artists Nat Raha, Jeda Pearl and Andrés N. Ordorica.

The sound was mixed and mastered by Claude Nouk.

Grief Offerings is part of the Care, Resistance … Joy! programme of workshops and commissions by artists and facilitators invited to consider structures of care, power and community whilst centring joyful acts of resistance and methods of living well. The projects aim to provide a space for respite, reflection and community: informed by queer ecology and decolonial thought, as well as legacies of collective action.