Learnin’ Broke My 💔

Friday 29 June, 2018

Previously: April—December, 2017

Learnin’ Broke My 💔 was a research project inspired by histories of radical pedagogy and interested in the analysis and manifestation of self organised educational practices, especially within the context of Artist Led/Run and voluntary economies. The Rhubaba committee invited Jennie Temple, art educator and sometimes artist, to work and research alongside us, while also documenting our collective activities.

The project, generously funded by a-n, included workshops on workshop making, consensus decision and facilitation training, and a road trip, amongst other things. Through these activities, and apart from them, the project introduced a reflective and self-critical space or routine within our daily practice, allowing us to interrogate the terms and methodologies that give capacity to our aspirant autonomous collective practice, to understand how we can allow ourselves to try.

Join us to celebrate the conclusion of the project, as well as the launch of a limited edition publication including new texts by Jennie, Ben Callaghan and Timothea Armour.