A Singing Workshop with Usurper

Sunday 22 September, 11-3pm

Venue: Rhubaba
Suggested donation of £5 on the day

Join us for the first in a series of workshops led by performers and artists with the Rhubaba choir.

Usurper are a performance duo based in Edinburgh formed by Ali Robertson and Malcy Duff who have been working together since 2003. Together Ali and Malcy’s performances and recordings are characteristically absurd and joyful, using a mixture of mundane objects, voice, and strategies of improvisation to make sounds, observations, and jokes.

All voices are welcome for this noisy and experimental workshop, using voice, contact mics, dismantling, and improvising.

Participants are asked to bring an instrument or an object with noise-making potential, that they are okay with taking apart.

It doesn’t matter if you have been in a choir before or only sing in your shower, if you enjoy making noise please get in touch; all workshops are open to regular Rhubaba choir goers, new members, and anyone who fancies giving it a try just once.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided!

Places are limited, please email rhubabachoir@gmail.com to book.

Further information:

About Usurper, in their own words:

“We have a punchline at the end of each set which equals one joke every three weeks: “I’m not laughing at him. I’m laughing with him. No, i’m not laughing at him. I’m laughing with him.”

“Combined comprehensive educations of Fife and Edinburgh failed to curb luddite tendencies or discourage low forms of wit: Ali Robertson got remedial as Giant Tank head-honker. Malcy Duff draw. Meanwhile: A lack of understanding proved that if you leave something broken long enough it’ll start working again and Usurper got born. Minusculist practical pranks and barely there puns for sound keep us chortling like never since John Candy jammed with his dashboard.”