Six Thousand Posters for Giants and Dwarfs
Modern Edinburgh Film School

Justine Cook | Hazel France | Alex Tobin | Alice Bradshaw | Laura Edbrook | Catherine Payton | Shona Macnaughton | Alexander Stevenson | Zoë Fothergill | Lara MacLeod | Annie Crabtree | Tom Smith | Alexander Stevenson | Sally Grizell Larson | Maurice Carlin | Aurélien Froment | Shezad Dawood | Rachel Reupke | Nathie de Briey | Faith Limbrick | Dinda Fass

14 June – 16 June, 12—5pm
Preview: Thursday 13 June, 6—9pm

Rhubaba presents the next instalment of Modern Edinburgh Film School, curated by artist Alex Hetherington – as part of Leith Late and Embassy Annuale Festival 2013. 6000 Posters for Giants and Dwarfs is a configuration of video, 35mm slide, text and film works. A Studio Practice, A Theatre.



Slide show and talk led by Hazel France

Sunday 16 June 2013, 3pm

On the final afternoon of the Modern Edinburgh Film School Hazel France reconfigured each screen in the show to present a talk on her artwork and research.