There’s a ghost in my house

Saying yes with no evidence
Sarah Boulton

2–30 April 2017
Sat-Sun, 12—5pm or by appointment
Opening event – Saturday 1 April, 7—9pm

After speaking a lot about this to Shani, who sometimes arrives late to events so she can only sense what happened, I have decided to tell the deer piece only to a deer and not a human. It’s a relief.

There’s a ghost in my house is a series of commissions in which selected artists have been invited to haunt Rhubaba. Sarah’s haunting will occupy the thresholds, high and peripheral spaces of Rhubaba, manifesting itself through hidden texts and in quietly strange events, appearances and alterations. Characters and their actions keep recurring across different works, lingering in the room, their work never really finished.

Was measuring
depth of public
ponds in London

using my forearm
the Koi loved it