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    Daniella Watson

    How to Survive on Land and Sea
    22 pages
    176 x 250mm
    Designed by Maeve Redmond
    Printed by Footprint Workers Co-operative
    Edition of 100

    Daniella Watson has been working with Rhubaba as a writer-in-residence over the past year. The resulting text, How to Survive on Land and Sea, consists of a collection of stories and ephemera relating to a little known artist collective called The Trajectorians.

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    The Hosts : Ectoplasmic Variations

    20 pages
    278 x 183mm
    Printed by Workhorse Press
    Edition of 100

    This publication, written by Catherine Payton, accompanies The Hosts: Ectoplasmic Variations, an exhibition by Serena Korda and a performance she devised with the Rhubaba Choir.

    “The hullabaloo intensifies. They are testing their windpipes, mobilising, rousing – explosive!”  (excerpt)


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    Július Koller Galeria Ganku

    128 pages, 297 x 210mm
    Published by SCHLEBRÜGGE.EDITOR,
    ISBN – 978-3-902833-55-6

    Rhubaba has worked in conjunction with art historian and writer Daniel Grúň and An Endless Supply to produce a book centred on Július Koller’s Ganek Gallery.

    This book, written and edited by Daniel in Slovak and English, includes magazine papers, photographs, photomontages and textual documents by Koller, an essay and interviews.

    Július Koller’s Galéria Ganku was launched at Rhubaba in 2014.


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    Augusto Corrieri & Vincent Gambini

    15 pages
    210 x 145mm
    Printed by Workhorse Press
    Edition of 200

    This publication accompanies an exhibition and residency by Augusto Corrieri and Vincent Gambini.

    It includes ‘A conjuring act in the form of an interview’ an interview between Augusto Corrieri, Vincent Gambini and Rhubaba and ‘It can’t be done any slower: on slow magic’ a short essay by Vincent Gambini.


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    Craig Coulthard

    Forest Pitch

    256 pages
    Published by Second Century Press,
    ISBN – 978-0992636104


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