Jennie Temple, We Learn Together,ย 2017



Learnin’ Broke Myย ๐Ÿ’”





Learnin’ Broke Myย ๐Ÿ’”ย is an ongoing research project concerned with experimental and self organised educational practices. The research is a multifarious activity held in common by the individuals who, collectively, constitute Rhubaba as a space. They have and are continuing to activate the research around and within Rhubaba’s various project strands and modes of inhabitation.

Rhubaba has invited Jennie Temple to work with the committee as a co-researcher and to make work in response to activities undertaken as part of the research.ย Jennieย is an art educator and sometimes artist. She currently teaches art at Edinburgh College.

The research has included, so far:

Application writing, group drawing, studio crits, vocal exercises, planning, debate, contextual and historical research, consideration of scores, manifesto writing, hosting a writing group, exploring science fiction pasts and presents, thinking the possibility of care as a mode of production, considering cooperative working structures and other forms of self governance, learning suminagashi, visiting a neolithic tomb … more tbc

Learnin’ Broke My ๐Ÿ’” is generously funded by a-n.