Rhubaba presents:

This is not a magic show! 

by Vincent Gambini

30 August, 7pm

Pilrig Church Hall

Free Admission. Book HERE

Gaze in wonder as the art of magic is sliced in two, taken apart, and reassembled right before your very eyes. Somewhere between a performance-lecture and stand-up, This is not a magic show! combines expert sleight-of-hand with rare insights into the principles of magic and misdirection. What are the mechanics of amazement and surprise? Where do magicians learn magic? And why do so many people find them arrogant and irritating? All will be revealed.





 Rhubaba Presents:

Július Koller - Ganek Gallery

Rhubaba has been working over the past year with art historian and writer Daniel Grúň and An Endless Supply to produce a book centred on Július Koller’s Ganek Gallery.

Ganek Gallery or Galéria Ganku is the name of an inaccessible rock formation in the High Tatras, a mountain range on the border of Slovakia and Poland. Koller co-opted this as a site for a fictive institution, initially beginning in 1971 by drawing on pages from the natural history magazine Vysoké Tatry (High Tatras). Ganek Gallery grew around a small group of members, had a constitution and set of articles; and served as an umbrella for the imaginative activity of the group.

This book, written and edited by Daniel in Slovak and English, includes magazine papers, photographs, photomontages and textual documents by Koller, an essay on the origins and context of the gallery, and interviews with the key participants: Pavol Breier (photographer and mountaineer), Milan Adamčiak (musicologist and artist), Peter Meluzin (artist and educator), and Květoslava Fulierová (artist).

A launch for the book is taking place in Bratislava this June and will be coming to Rhubaba in Autumn. Many thanks to SCHLEBRÜGGE.EDITOR (Austria), Július Koller Society (Slovakia), and the support of Erste Foundation (Austria), (Slovakia) and gb agency (France).

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