Dane Sutherland Presents:


7 March, 7pm, 2015
Rhubaba, 25 Arthur Street,
Edinburgh, EH6 5DA

Live music by:

More an experiment into the limits of pop than a band, WE are four bodies barely obscured by identical black boxes, a broken man machine of shrill synth grooves, bizarre guitar melodies, cartoon drumrolls and sax for special occasions. Borrowing strategies from the likes of the Residents, Devo and Laibach, WE replace the individual ‘I’ with the collective ‘WE’.

1/2 of Glasgow’s Cru Servers, dredging all kinds of dank from the acid sludge.





The Rhubaba Choir
invite you to:

A singing workshop with Christopher Bruerton

Saturday 28th March, 11am—3pm
Basic Mountain, 1A Hill Street,
Edinburgh, EH2 3JP
(Suggested donation of £5)

Christopher Bruerton is a laid-back Kiwi, and also happens to be a member of the internationally acclaimed vocal ensemble, The King’s Singers. Amidst a busy touring schedule of more than 120 concerts a year across six continents, he is always keen to share his experience of ensemble singing with interested listeners!

This session will focus on some of the key aspects of singing in a small ensemble: listening, breathing together, and engaging with an audience. Using traditional Maori waiata and other folk songs, this will be an interactive session for everyone to participate in and enjoy!

It doesn’t matter if you have been in a choir before or only sing in your shower, if you enjoy singing, please come along and lend your voice. We’d love to have you! All are welcome. Come along to Basic Mountain, a wonderful, light space on Hill Street, in the very heart of the city, which was originally built as a dance studio and has lovely acoustics thanks to its domed ceiling, where we will be serving lunch and refreshments for everybody involved.



The Rhubaba Choir invite you to:

A singing workshop with Serena Korda

Saturday 18th April, 11am—3pm
Rhubaba, 25 Arthur Street,
Edinburgh, EH6 5DA
(Suggested donation of £5)

image 3 for lara

Serena Korda is an artist based in London making film, performance and sculpture. Serena will be working at Rhubaba throughout April on her project, ‘The Hosts’. This workshop will form part of her project, where Serena will introduce her Witches Bottles; an army of ceramic vessels inspired by 16th Century Bellarmine Jugs used during the Suffolk Witch Hunts to ward off evil.

Using the voice as a percussive tool, we will work together to examine the resonance of the jugs, developing a rousing call to arms for these ceramic warriors.