Friday 18th, 10:00-17:00 and Saturday 19th July, 12:30-18:30 at Rhubaba Gallery & Studios

Interested in learning a programming language that can create visual effects?

Always wanted to program electronic devices to respond to their environment?


Day 1 - Processing

Processing is a language aimed at creating interactive animations. We will be getting to grips with the basics of the programming language, Processing, using processing to draw shapes on the screen and make them move in response to user input. After a day’s practical exercises you will understand basic programming concepts, such as data structures, algorithms, functions, arrays, input/output and apply them to simple interactive graphics. You will learn how to construct programs and detect and correct errors if things go wrong.

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Day 2 - Arduino

The Arduino micro controller and programming environment were designed to facilitate interactive installations and can sense their environment by receiving input from a variety of sensors and can affect its surroundings by controlling lights, motors and other devices. We will program the Arudino board, getting it to read information from sensors and control electronic devices, such as LEDs, motors, etc. Participants are encouraged to think about projects they might want to use the technology for, in order for us to think about the different situation that these newly applied skills can be applied.

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Workshop fee including lunch:

£30 for the two days

£15 for Rhubaba studio holders and anyone able to being their own arduino board

Places are limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis. If interested, please contact with the subject PROCESSING AND ARDUINO, indicating whether you have an Arduino board that you able to bring with you or not. Those attending are asked to bring their own laptop, although this isn’t essential. Please let us know if you won’t be able to bring one along.



Rhubaba presents:

Grubby Mitts - Politics of Friendship Tour

Pilrig Church Hall
7pm, 27 July, 2014

Grubby Mitts Poster A3

This Summer the artist Andy Holden and his band The Grubby Mitts will tour the UK performing only at artist-run spaces. Rhubaba will host the Scottish leg of the tour. Join us for a night of music and projections, which will see the band performing live a body of work they have been writing and recording for the last seven years. Support comes from PET, the Rhubaba Choir and Smack Wizards.

The Politics of Friendship uses ‘the form of the rock tour as a way of curating a series of events exploring the concept of friendship’. Andy Holden’s video projections will be combined with newly commissioned moving image work by a selection of artists who are associated with the venues in which the band performs. At Rhubaba contributions come from Claire Davies (founding member of Rhubaba), Faith Limbrick (studio holder) and George Kettlewell (new friend).

To celebrate the announcement of the tour, the band are giving away a free MP3, a re-mastered version of their debut single, To a Friend’s House the Way is Never Long.

Make sure to book tickets in advance, via eventbrite. You can pay £7 and get a copy of The Grubby Mitts great new album, or pay-what-you like, with a suggested donation of £3.

Grubby Mitts Tour_Politics of Friendship_Andy Holden



Rhubaba Presents:

Augusto Corrieri and Vincent Gambini

2-31 August

Fri-Sun 12-5pm or by appointment

Private View 1st August, 7-9pm

For the Edinburgh Art Festival, Rhubaba presents work by London-based artists Augusto Corrieri and Vincent Gambini. Augusto will be exhibiting at Rhubaba while Vincent spends the month developing a performance to be shown at Pilrig Church Hall. During the month the artists will host Enchanting Things an event exploring ideas within their respective practices.

With a playful rigour, Augusto Corrieri’s video works deconstruct the apparatus of theatre. The Western proscenium arch stage is traditionally a framing device, clearly signalling a point of focus. In Corrieri’s work, the stage is used to frame ordinary activities and movements in an attempt to destabilise the ways we typically separate the significant from the insignificant, or the visible from the invisible.

Alongside Corrieri’s exhibition, Vincent Gambini will undertake a residency at Rhubaba. Gambini trained as a sleight of hand magician and has performed internationally and on Italian television. The residency will culminate on Sat 30 August with This is not a magic show!, a performance that continues his ongoing exploration into magic and misdirection.


London-based Corrieri works in video, performance and writing. Since completing a degree in Theatre at Dartington College of Arts in 2002 he has presented several works nationally and internationally. Previous commissions and residencies include: La Casa Encendida, Madrid; TanzQuartier, Vienna; Camden Arts Centre, London, and the Whitstable Biennale.

London-based Gambini originally trained as a sleight of hand magician and has performed magic internationally and on Italian Television. He won first prize at the Italian Close-up Magic Competition and second prize at London’s International Close-up Magic Competition. In 2000 he gained entry to the Magic Circle by writing a study entitled ‘Deconstructing Magic’.


Enchanting Things
Sat 9th August
Details tbc

This is not a magic show!
Pilrig Church Hall
Sat 30 August
Free Admission




Rhubaba Presents:

Július Koller – Ganek Gallery

Rhubaba has been working over the past year with art historian and writer Daniel Grúň and An Endless Supply to produce a book centred on Július Koller’s Ganek Gallery.

Ganek Gallery or Galéria Ganku is the name of an inaccessible rock formation in the High Tatras, a mountain range on the border of Slovakia and Poland. Koller co-opted this as a site for a fictive institution, initially beginning in 1971 by drawing on pages from the natural history magazine Vysoké Tatry (High Tatras). Ganek Gallery grew around a small group of members, had a constitution and set of articles; and served as an umbrella for the imaginative activity of the group.

This book, written and edited by Daniel in Slovak and English, includes magazine papers, photographs, photomontages and textual documents by Koller, an essay on the origins and context of the gallery, and interviews with the key participants: Pavol Breier (photographer and mountaineer), Milan Adamčiak (musicologist and artist), Peter Meluzin (artist and educator), and Květoslava Fulierová (artist).

A launch for the book is taking place in Bratislava this June and will be coming to Rhubaba in Autumn. Many thanks to SCHLEBRÜGGE.EDITOR (Austria), Július Koller Society (Slovakia), and the support of Erste Foundation (Austria), (Slovakia) and gb agency (France).

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