Photograph of books by and about Maud Sulter. Credit: Rhubaba Gallery & Studios



Open the Door 2021, Glasgow Women’s Library


6:30 pm8:00 pm, 20th May

Rhubaba is excited to be taking part in Glasgow Women’s Library Open the Door festival to celebrate women’s writing. We will be leading a discussion based workshop that will include writing exercises that explores the themes of re-writing and re-imagining archives. Presented virtually, this workshop is part of our ongoing project on Maud Sulter which will feature a publication, exhibition, and public programme of events to be announced later this year.


“This whole notion of the disappeared, I think, is something that runs through my work. I’m very interested in absence and presence in the way that particularly black women’s experience and black women’s contribution to culture is so often erased and marginalized.” – Maud Sulter


Free but booking is essential. Please click here to book a place via the GWL website.

Maud Sulter was an artist, writer and curator born in Glasgow. In this virtual workshop we’ll learn more about Maud Sulter and her work. Together we will look at books and feminist magazines from GWL’s library and archive that highlight some of the important Black feminist and lesbian projects Maud was involved with from the 1980s.



*Rhubaba’s Maud Sulter Project is an independent project and has no affiliation to the Maud Sulter Estate and Advisory Board.*