Holly Pester

There’s a ghost in my house
Holly Pester
Planula Tales

24—26 May 2017

Readings 8pm each night



The second manifestation of a series of commissions in which artists have been invited to haunt Rhubaba is Holly Pester’s Planula Tales.

As a series, There’s a ghost in my house investigates the notion of ‘haunting’ culturally and conceptually whilst allowing the artists involved to occupy Rhubaba in ways that might be unexpected, unsettling or uncanny.

Holly will carry out a series of three short readings over three evenings. Each reading will be from a work of experimental verse fiction, telling the tale of a ghost living on the seabed. Each composition will attempt to voice subject positions of waste, rather than body; of plotting from the seabed, rather than mapping the sea voyage; a poetics of abortion rather than creation.